Our Head Coach Glyn Powditch trained under the late and very great MMA Coach Karl Tanswell for approx 15 years and for many years coached striking, clinch, and ground classes at the Spear Street Gym. Karl held 7 black belts in total. Glyn remains one of the few people still active in SBG UK who trained with Karl at the original Newton Street gym above Van Dangs. Glyn earned his purple, brown, black, and 1st degree black belt under Karl as well as his SBG MMA coaching certification in 2006. Three of Karl’s other black belts regularly come up to Ramsbottom; Matt Inman, Casey Jones, and Chris Coltrane. Pete Joyce, an SBG Brown Belt who trained under Karl longer than Glyn trains at SBG Bury each week.

Karl trained Gunnar Nelson, Saul Rogers, Martin Stapleton, Davey Grant, Alex Enlund and countless other top class UFC, Cage Warriors, and Bellator competitors. He is sorely missed!

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