Self Defence

When it comes to Self Defence in the Bury area, we are unrivalled in our approach and experience. We have:

*Kept our skills up to date in 2018-2019 by attending sessions led by Self Defense luminaries such as:

Matt Thornton, Founder of SBG. 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt.
John Kavanagh, Head Coach of Conor McGregor and Founder of SBG Dublin / SBG Ireland
Paul Sharp, former Police Officer and world renown Self Defense instructor at SBG Illinois.
Dave Camarillo, Founder of Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu. 4th Degree Jiu Jitsu and Judo Black Belt.

*Conducted sessions all over the world from the US to Korea and many countries in between. Attendees at those sessions have included:
Former Navy Seal Andy Stumpf and UFC Veterans like Davey Grant, Jason Tan, and Rory Singer.

*Our blades, weapons, and close protection experience have been developed over the past two decades under Karl Tanswell, founder of STAB (Strategic Tactics Against Blade) and refined by Paul Sharp. For example, we can show you how simply wearing a belt each day can dramatically increase your odds of remaining safe when confronted with criminal actors intent on harming you or your loves ones.

*Self Defence is inherent in ALL our classes. We discuss strikes and distance management in all our sessions.

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