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Dave Camarillo, founder of Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu, 4th degree Ralph Gracie Black Belt, Judo Black Belt and former head MMA coach at the world renown AKA where he trained UFC Champions like Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez discusses training with Glyn Powditch, SBG Bury Head Coach both in California and the U.K. and Dave’s experiences at SBG UK Camp in his podcast Position Impossible.

Dave said “I learned so much. These people are very driven in development but also, a wide range of development, very similar to what we do, gi grappling, MMA, no gi grappling, a wide range of development….I thought it was absolutely amazing. Full of amazing martial artists…..I really like what they have going on so if you are in that area, go train with them. SBG All The Way.”

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From the SBG South Shields Seminar:

Here are some samples taken from there from professional MMA competitors & coaches to professional BJJ Black Belts Champions:

“5 Stars – great mind for Jiu Jitsu. Very technical coach with a passion for getting it right.” Karl Tanswell, MMA Legend, Head of Straight Blast Gym UK, 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt.

“Glyn is one of the most technically sound coaches there is and is at the forefront of implementation of modern coaching methods. His coaching has been invaluable to getting me where I am today as a competitive Black Belt. If you’re in the area you’d be crazy not to train with him.” Casey Jones, BJJ Black Belt & Multiple Time Gold Medalist (Black Belt Finish Open Champion)

“Glyn is one of the best BJJ coaches and players in the North West, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Highly recommend to anyone in the Bury area looking to learn REAL martial arts!” Matt Inman, Cage Warriors Veteran, Professional Mixed Martial Artist and multiple time BJJ Brown Belt Gold Medalist

“5 stars Glyn is a friendly, articulate and very knowledgable instructor. We worked on some small guard passing changes that made a huge difference to my game and some techniques that were completely new to me yet practical to incorporate. All in all, an excellent lesson – thank you! I thoroughly recommend Glyn to anyone.” Nick Brierly, Blue Belt, Carlson Gracie London

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