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We offer Free Online BJJ & MMA Training in our Facebook group for prospective students to take a look at our classes prior to coming down as well as for existing students to recap on previous classes. Many of our students from seminars we have led have joined from all over the world due to our reputation for excellence in coaching fundamentals. Please apply to join our group.

Here is a clip from a recent class on pummelling showing how its commonly taught and practiced by nearly everyone in an incorrect way which can lead to you being knocked out or cross faced.

I was asked to film a number of instructional videos by the Warrior Collective. They should help those wanting to learn more about BJJ or considering coming to train at SBG Bury a flavour of the coaching approach.

Here is my video on BJJ side mount bottom posture for the Warrior Collective filmed at SBG in Bury……

There are a number of others filmed too…….

BJJ Rubber Guard Posture

BJJ Back Defence Posture

One of the most important ways to accelerate your development is conceptually linking positions together. This video shows how the correct posture in butterfly guard is identical to the correct posture for back defence.

Finally, some competition footage of myself back in 2007 in the final of the Revolution Tournament Absolute Final vs Pro MMA Fighter Dave Hirst.

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