1st timers advice

For those coming to train with us for the very first time, please read the following advice and adhere to it. We are a friendly, open club but in order to make the environment as productive as possible for all students, we insist on a few ground rules for newcomers and their first time training with us. It may also help answer a few common questions you may have.

1) Timetables – we don’t publish a timetable as policy due to people thinking its okay to turn up during class hours, often right in the middle of class and then hovering waiting to ask questions whilst the coach is focused on class. It is not okay to do that and distracts the coaches and the students. You are welcome to watch classes but see point 2 below.

2) Please call ahead – on 07775 901 452 prior to coming down either to train or watch. And its always useful for us to speak first to assess your experience and which classes will be most appropriate to attend. We know then to look out for you as well.

3) Aim to arrive early! The first time you come down, aim to get here 15 minutes before the class is due to start. Firstly if you get lost, we have no problem helping you find us prior to class beginning. Secondly, we have a registration form that we need you to complete. Finally, if you do get lost, we do not answer calls once class has begun. Period.

4) Clothing – You don’t need a Gi the first few times you come down to train. We can usually lend you one anyway. Just wear comfortable training clothes with no zips.

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