Assisting Glyn is:

BJJ Coach Pete Joyce, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt and qualified MMA coach since 2006. Pete trained at the original SBG U.K. gym on Spear Street, Manchester.

Wrestling & BJJ Coach Joe Borek, a life long wrestler and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt. Coach Joe was previously with Combat Base in Bolton and has trained at many gyms in the area.

Johnny Okihere, (4-0) in MMA, Striking Coach. BJJ Purple Belt. Johnny is a renown MMA competitor recommended to the gym by Cage Warrior and head of SBG U.K. Matt Inman. He’s trained under the likes of former Cage Warriors World Champion Alex Enlund, who was also signed to the UFC.

Coach Adam Noone, Purple belt. Adam is a highly technical player and trains at SBG Bury and SBG Rochdale.

Coach Gary Birkby, Purple belt.

Coach Tom Bates: a long-time mixed martial artist and Blue Belt.