Call 07813 946315 to book your BJJ or Mixed Martials Arts class for effective self defence.

*Get group classes or one-on-one private lessons in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (aka Gracie Jiu Jitsu) or Mixed Martial Arts coaching from the only 1st Degree BJJ Black Belt in the Bury area and who has also been an SBG qualified Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defence Instructor since 2006.

* Head Coach Glyn Powditch features regularly on world leading MMA and BJJ publications. For example, on SBG University, the leading MMA and BJJ online training, his instruction is regularly shared by SBG President Matt Thornton. Glyn’s approach and training mindset was recently discussed on top MMA podcast Position Impossible by Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu Founder & CEO Dave Camarillo.

Glyn regularly coaches at some of the world’s top MMA & BJJ facilities including:

Former Cage Warriors Cahmpion Alex Enlund invites Glyn Powditch to conduct a 3 hour seminar at the South Shields Gym

April 2019 – Seminar at SBG South Shields for Cage Warriors Champion Alex Enlund, who was signed to the UFC.

March 2019 – Coached 200 students at SBG East Coast Camp, SBG Buford, Georgia, USA.Coaches featured included Matt Thornton, John Kavanagh, 4th degree black belt and founder of SBG Korea John Frankl, BJJ for Over 40s Kru Stephen Whittier, Chris Connolly (coach to UFC’s Erik Anders), John Diggins, SBG Vice President Travis Davison.

John Kavanagh, head coach to 2 division UFC Champion Conor McGregor coached Glyn’s material when he returned to SBG Dublin.

December 2018 – Coached 150 people at SBG UK Camp alongside Dave Camarillo. Matt Inman, Head of SBG UK, professional BJJ athlete Casey Jones, UFC veterans Jason Tan, Davey Grant, Alex Enlund, TUFs Saul Rogers, and Bellator’s Martin Stapleton.

August 2018 – Invited by John Kavanagh for the 3rd time to coach at SBG Dublin Headquarters at SBG European training camp.

SBG Camp - Athens

March 2018 – Coached at world renown SBG Athens which produced UFC Champion Forrest Griffin, UFC Veteran and TUF star Rory Singer, and other UFC veterans including Brian Bowles. All of this was under the expert tutelage of MMA super coach Adam Singer.

August 2017 – Seminar at SBG Pangyo, South Korea for Black Belt Jason Rhee.

*SBG Qualified MMA Instruction is unrivalled.  SBG includes world renown competitors from the ADCC and UFC including Gunnar Nelson and 2 weight UFC Champion Conor MacGregor. SBG has hosted some of the world’s best fighters at its Portland, Oregon Headquarters such as Randy Couture, Dan Henderson and many more.

*There are no additional gradings fees.

*Only a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms are required to begin.

SBG Bury offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) / Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Judo group classes as well as one-to-one private lessons from a BJJ Blackbelt described by Cage Warriors Veteran and BJJ Champion Matt Inman as:

“one of the best BJJ coaches and players in the North West”

Ideally situated off Junction 1 of the M66 in the Village of Ramsbottom, Bury, Glyn Powditch is a 1st degree BJJ Black Belt under Karl Tanswell and certified MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor at Straight Blast Gym Manchester. Glyn also holds a brown belt in Judo from his time training under Steve Pullen at Cheadle & Urmston Judo Club and has competed in BJJ and Judo at International and national competitions from Gracie Invitationals to the English Judo Open. All classes follow the SBG I-method of Introduction, Isolation, and Integration with a specific focus on fundamentals. In 2017, Glyn has travelled all over the world to train, training at SBG Portland with Matt Thornton and attending the Rickson Gracie seminar, SBG Athens with the Singer Brothers, SBG Buford with Phillipe Gentry, 6th degree Black Belt Roberto Traven, and to South Korea with SBG affiliate World Jiu Jitsu in Pangyo.

Bury BJJ

Previously, Glyn practiced Boxing and Thaiboxing for six years, beginning with Lee Hasdell in Milton Keynes, the first professional cage fighter from the UK who fought in Rings against the likes of Fedor Emelienko. He then went to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Danny Batten and Eduardo Carriello at Brazilian Top Team. Relocating to Manchester, he joined Karl Tanswell at Straight Blast Gym’s UK Headquarters in Manchester in 2004 where he has remained ever since. Glyn and UFC star Gunnar Nelson discussing training post-sparring.

The club has members who come from all over the region to train, from South Manchester to Blackburn and Bolton. The club operates an open door policy. However, we ask that you call in advance before coming down for you first session.

If you have any further questions, please call 07813 946315.

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  1. Hello
    I would love to start some kind of exercise as I need to help myself with my mental health to get fit and be focused and strong.
    Can you help me?
    What are the costs too please?

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  2. Amazing Coaching and very fun and enjoyable. Enjoyed learning and improved my game in a very short amount of time

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